The RLLC Collection

06B01AD7-B459-41C7-A7AB-9D84492FDC46The Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection is a tribute collection to my father, Robert Lenkiewicz, consisting of his original drawings which I have acquired over the years. It is a lovely collection and a celebration of artists who have exhibited their work in Liverpool. The collection is based on kindness and giving – the works have all been gifts and exchanges of artwork, obtained during my time living and working as an artist in Liverpool.

Over the years I have acquired several original artworks and prints by my father and other artists. I decided I would like to show these works to the world and make this into an official art collection. I am delighted and overjoyed to present this collection online.

The drawings by my father are gifts to me from my mother, ‘Mouse’, and friends of the family. They are mainly of me and my mother and close friends at the time. These are very early drawings from the 1960s, depicting the early days of my father’s work in London, Cornwall and Plymouth. In many of these drawings, I am just a baby and my mother and father were living in London, renting flats, painting and meeting many people in those early youthful days. This was an abundant and happy time for them both. My father was an extremely talented artist, and you will see in these drawings how he captures each person’s characters, movement and atmosphere with his swift and skilful line drawings and sketches. My mother has kindly given me the drawings she kept in her attic amongst many letters and memories. I would also like to thank close friends of the family for their gifts.

The Liverpool works consist of my own artworks and those of artists and friends who once exhibited at our art gallery initiative, ‘Infinite Art Space’, run by myself and my husband, Nigel, for many years in Liverpool. During this time, we put on many exhibitions for local and international artists and this is how my collection of these works was established. This is our way of saying thank you to those artists for their support.

People may wonder why I joined these collections together. I felt the works needed to be seen by a wider audience and I thought this would be something different and a lovely idea in terms of artists supporting artists. The Liverpool artists wanted to support my father’s works and pay tribute to his legacy. My father was always very supportive of his students and other artists and wanted to help them. This collection can be seen as indicating how artists can reach out and support each other while also paying respects to artists who deserve wider publicity and acclaim for their art.

This is a fascinating and diverse collection of artworks by artists at the time who all had their own unique visions. You will see artworks about music, relationships, nature, the city of Liverpool, landscapes, portraits, popular culture, maritime themes, abstract art and much more. In this collection, artists have enjoyed creating their own art and have shown their respect for my father’s works. I hope that you will enjoy and support this entire collection of art spanning from the 1960s to the present day. Welcome to the Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection! Alice Lenkiewicz, artist and daughter of Robert Lenkiewicz.

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