The Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection


The Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection has developed out of a desire to share and be inclusive rather than be exclusive.

This collection contains my own memories and experiences of my father and other artists. Many of these drawings by my father are from the sixties and seventies and are of me and my mother. Works of the Liverpool artists developed out of many years of exhibiting the work of local artists in our gallery initiatives in Liverpool at the time called TAG, (Toxteth Art Gallery) and The Art Gallery, (Aca, Infinite Art Space)

This personal collection transpired from the act of giving. I did not have to purchase any of these works as they were all offered as gifts. The Collection formed naturally over time until I realised it needed to be shared and to provide an opportunity for others to learn about and enjoy.

As well as forming my personal collection these works are available for viewing on the national arts collection catalogue, Art UK.

Prints of the Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection are available for purchase in a variety of dimensions, framed and unframed on the Art UK online shop.

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