The Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection.

Beautiful prints of the early days, close friends and my mother, Mouse by Robert Lenkiewicz at the Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection. Art UK is the online home for every public art collection in the UK. Visit this wonderful collection of early artworks by my father and artists from my collection at the Robert Lenkiewicz LiverpoolContinue reading “The Robert Lenkiewicz Liverpool Collection.”

Nouveau Star

Nouveau Star- Oil on canvas – 2020. This was the first painting I created for my Nouveau exhibition. It idepicts an imaginary diva goddess. I painted it from my imagination allowing the colours and forms to come together intuitively. Realism, the black curly designs in the corners of the painting I have copied from theContinue reading “Nouveau Star”

Forthcoming exhibition.

My forthcoming solo show, -Nouveau’ will take place at Southport Contemporary. Southport Contemporary Arts: “Nouveau” by Alice Lenkiewicz ind us:  SCA / ArtHouse65 Eastbank Street, SouthportPR8 1EJ Date of exhibition: 25th August – 5th September. Address/ Southport Contemporary65, Eastbank StreetSouthportPR8 1EJ Opening timesTuesday – Friday – 10-3Saturday – 11-4Free Admission In this exhibition Alice LenkiewiczContinue reading “Forthcoming exhibition.”

Photos of Paris

It was lovely to visit Paris recently with my daughter, Lucia. I enjoyed the culture, the beautiful buildings and the art. The Louvre was fascinating and displayed some beautiful paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Goya and Velasquez amongst many great masters.  Notre Dame’s stone carvings and stained glass windows were awe inspiring. Versailles wasContinue reading “Photos of Paris”