Experimental Film

I have always enjoyed engaging in making experimental short films. Much of my work combines nature, music and poetry.  I enjoy the performance aspects of this medium and the cross referencing  between art and performance.

My films are usually short experimental films filmed at different locations. They are often inspired by nature and human instincts such as identity, ritual and travel. My work can be quite mystical and dream- like and at other times it is a direct response to what I see around me. In my experimental films, themes such as memory, dreams and emotions are my main interest with an emphasis on movement of the human body and the natural environment, particularly, water, trees and birds, provoking me towards creating transient and dream – like narratives.

Avant – guard Surrealist films have inspired me to create experimental pieces that focus on juxtaposing images from nature, ordinary every day objects and events, combining various elements to create sensory and ambiguous narratives.

I have always been very inspired by the Surrealists.

Much of my work takes one idea and focuses on this from new angles, such as my film ‘The Swan’ and my film,  ‘Seagulls’ where I emphasise the beauty and strangeness of these beautiful creatures using sound effects to take the work into new trajectories. I was very inspired by the film maker Tarkovsky,  to look at ways of combining spiritual elements with our surroundings, creating a sense of mystery and ambiguity.

My film ‘Marilyn’s Grid’ focuses on theatrical and dramatic themes, emphasising drama and suspense. I do enjoy taking one or two objects and seeing how far I can experiment with a minimal amount of props. In this film I use  three objects, a magazine, a grid and a piece of paper to express a narrative.

You can view my experimental films on the YouTube links below and on Vimeo

Experimental Films

A Kingdom by the Sea

My Week in Prague – 2004

Dark Spell – 2020 – Lockdown Poem

Thoughts on Painting, 2016

The Pendle Witches – 2021

Bored Housewife – 2009

Marilyn’s Grid -2009

Night at Moulon Rouge – 2015

A Drive through Cornwall – 2014

The Sacred Way – 2018

Honeymoon in Monte Carlo -2016

Purple Flowers – 2016

Beyond the Sky – 2016

Seagulls – 2016

Flowers, Leaves and Thorns, 2015

The Swan – 2015

Girl at the Dance – 2016

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