Abstract drawings using stitch.

My original art, much of it created with recycled fabrics and intuitive line drawings using the sewing machine such as this minimalist abstract drawing in black and white, using lines of stitch to build up texture and movement on the fabric. Ready to display. Signed original art.
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Our Right to Protest!

In life, we may not be politicians and have control of our country but we are the people being controlled and it’s our lives that are affected by their decisions. Don’t allow them to take away our right to voice our thoughts and our opinions. The day we allow them to stop us protesting is the day we lose our freedom of speech and our human rights to contest opinion. Sign the petition and as human beings with minds and thoughts and feelings, let’s always be free to get out there and voice what we feel and think.We are humans, not robots! https://action.greenpeace.org.uk/public-order-bill?source=TW&subsource=NBRENAPETW03E7&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Right+to+Protest+-+Public+Order+Bill+-+Petition++PE+20220607&utm_term=