Poems from my Sketchbook – Prague 2004

Klementinum Shadow curled geometric Light of sun on stucco Inside a world of mirrors Just out each side To be understood The arches and columns Organs and music of Vivaldi a bright flourish of marbled angel passed in sunshine of heaven ledges Winged thoughts towards a Patterned floor of Geometric stars and violins Stars StrokesContinue reading “Poems from my Sketchbook – Prague 2004”

Photos of Paris

It was lovely to visit Paris recently with my daughter, Lucia. I enjoyed the culture, the beautiful buildings and the art. The Louvre was fascinating and displayed some beautiful paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Goya and Velasquez amongst many great masters.  Notre Dame’s stone carvings and stained glass windows were awe inspiring. Versailles wasContinue reading “Photos of Paris”

Protest Art

In the last few years, I have started to paint issues that are important to me. Painting and video art have been useful mediums for me to express some of my concerns about society and the way things are declining or not being discussed. Some of these issues have included, animal rights, the environment andContinue reading “Protest Art”

Rimrose Valley

I have had a strong yearning for all things untouched lately. The quiet sounds of nature are such a rarity these days. I went walking through Rimrose valley along the canal on Sunday. It was so quiet and beautiful. You could hear the movement of the grass in the gentle breeze. I took my dog,Continue reading “Rimrose Valley”