Artist Statement

I am interested in painting figurative and abstract art with digital media, paint and textile art as my main mediums. I have also created short films.


My styles are abstract, figurative and lyrical.
I enjoy creating freestyle expressions and compositions of colour and line using paint, digital media or fabric. I also paint fictional women, usually in a post impressionist style with modern themes, relating to the world as I experience and respond to it.

Much of my work has been inspired by Mexico’s ‘artesanía’ tradition, a blend of indigenous and European textiles and sculpture as well as African textile art and folk art. I enjoy the style of post Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism.
My artwork subjects are usually created from imagination although they may sometimes have elements of my own personal experiences. I like to see my work as universal and occupying a spiritual space that is part of everyone’s experience and not just belong to specific groups of people.


My themes express my response to spiritual, fairytales and folk legends. I am also interested in the peaceful space we occupy when alone with nature or in our own homes, particularly as we are living in times when life is particularly occupied by distractions and white noise. I have also created work that responds to protests and campaigns


Digital drawing, painting and sewing are an important part of my work as I enjoy the texture and the motion of the materials and the sustainability of using recycled fabrics. I enjoy digital art because of the direct contact I have between the technology and my hands that I draw with instead of using a paintbrush and I value this traditional and tactile approach. The computer screen is another canvas or piece of paper. I enjoy the sensory experience of fabric and fabric collage. I love to paint on canvas because I enjoy the fluidity and build-up of colour and texture. Each technique has a different motion.

I create art because I enjoy the process of discovery and experimentation and also to convey a message. I find creativity therapeutic and the ultimate way to explore meaning and balance in my life and surroundings. I feel, in many ways, that my works act as a diary of my lifetime, emotions and interests.
I can be contacted via my email and website here for exhibiting, commissions and for those interested in purchasing artwork.


I have had an unconventional route into art. Although I have had an art practice education, I feel I am also partly self taught because my environment and life experiences have been my main inspiration. As a young girl, I was brought up in London and Plymouth, experiencing the mid seventies and nineteen eighties counterculture. I feel I have picked up most of my skills by going to exhibitions as well as watching and talking to other artists. My parents who were artists were always wonderful to talk to and discuss art with and living in a variety of cities and traveling abroad in my youth contributed to much of my inspiration and development as an artist.
My main work was always painting and then I started to write poetry and create short experimental films.
In the past, I have curated exhibitions and organised poetry readings. Some of my illustrated writing has been published in books, magazines and anthologies.
I have traveled widely and since 2002, I have lived in Liverpool. I am married and have two daughters.

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