I create imaginative dream-like paintings with a fusion of mixed media and digital tapestries, My artwork celebrates vibrant colors and ethereal themes, oscillating between spontaneous fluidity and deliberate intention.

My artistic approach begins with intuitive drawings that organically unfold, gradually weaving their own meaning and constructing narratives that traverse both figuration and abstraction. My digital works incorporate the interplay of color, shape, and pattern, adding depth and dimension to my vision.

Within my expressive paintings, I delve into the exploration of emotions and mark making,wielding different mediums to convey my innermost sentiments.

Themes that inspire me encompass folk legends from diverse cultures, captivating mythologies, the enchantment of the natural world, introspective reflections and my own personal experiences. Through my art, I aspire to reflect my observations, emotions, and beliefs, presenting a vivid tableau of my ongoing journey of self-discovery,

Creativity is not only a source of artistic expression for me but also a therapeutic outlet, enabling me to explore meaning and equilibrium within my life and surroundings. My artwork is visionary, encapsulating certain chronicles during my lifetime, the tapestry of my emotions, and my unwavering passions.

Contact: alicelenkiewicz@googlemail.com

I have had an unconventional route into art. Although I have had an art practice education, I feel I am also partly self taught because my environment and life experiences have been my inspiration. As a young girl, I was brought up in London and Plymouth, experiencing the mid seventies and nineteen eighties counterculture. I feel I have picked up most of my skills by going to exhibitions as well as watching and talking to other artists. My parents who were artists were always wonderful to talk to and discuss art with and living in a variety of cities and traveling abroad in my youth contributed to much of development as an artist.
My main work was always painting and then I started to write poetry and create short experimental films and digital paintings.

When I first started out with my art career I was fascinated by the work of the surrealists and symbolists. In the past I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I lived and camped through America and travelled through Mexico. My experiences of art and spirituality during this time were of great inspiration to me and influenced the direction of my work. I spent a great deal of time appreciating art, absorbing the culture as well as learning about natural healing and spirituality.

In the past, I have curated exhibitions and organised poetry readings. Some of my illustrated writing has been published in books, magazines and anthologies. I enjoy the process of creating and experimenting. I love the feeling of being able to see my work grow and change over time.
I have traveled widely and since 2002, I have lived in Liverpool. I am married and have two daughters. I am currently writing my autobiography, ‘My Life through Art’.

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