Animal Rights

I have for many years educated myself and become very aware of the cruelty that is happening to animals on an everyday basis.

Its extremely disappointing to discover that our government does not put more emphasis and more strict regulations in place to consider and respect animal welfare. I am sure with some business imagination and if profit was their issue, then money could be made from animal welfare and compassion rather than eating animals and animal abuse. It would also benefit our environment However, it is not just about profit. It is about well-being and sharing kindness and encouraging the good nature of humans as well as respecting the life and welfare of animals.

Respect for animals, I feel, begins with our food. If animals are born to be treated like products and supplied to butchers and supermarkets, as if they had no previous meaning on this earth, other than to be food, then we are not off to a good start. But we have to fight this ignorant attitude towards animals.

Sadly the truth of what happens to animals in factory farming is deliberately and mostly hushed up and kept quiet because meat and dairy production are about making profit at the expense of animals and this is why campaigners have to shout out the truth, otherwise farm animals would never been seen or heard. Without the knowledge and education of how meat and dairy reach our shelves, then very tragically they would become part of an invisible world of torture and suffering that many people are not aware of or too busy to consider. Sadly the suffering continues but campaigners have encouraged awareness and done much to support and help animals.

What is also disturbing is that by keeping consumers uneducated and uninformed, consumers are actually being duped into eating and contributing towards the suffering of these animals not by choice but because they are unaware of what really goes on.

My way of protesting against this abhorrent and cruel industry is to create art, posters and banners and to share my views regarding animal rights on social media as well as signing petitions. A section of my art has become dedicated to raising awareness of the cruelty to animals.

I am against all animal cruelty including wild animals and domestic animals.

You can find my animal rights artworks on this page and for sale on Etsy.

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