Photos of Paris

It was lovely to visit Paris recently with my daughter, Lucia. I enjoyed the culture, the beautiful buildings and the art. The Louvre was fascinating and displayed some beautiful paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Goya and Velasquez amongst many great masters. 
Notre Dame’s stone carvings and stained glass windows were awe inspiring.

Versailles was so beautiful with its gold and reflective beauty. The Hall of Mirrors is a magical world and takes you back in time. The Sun King era is fascinating.

Montmartre was interesting and reminded one of Edith Piaf and you couldn’t help imagining Picasso and the turn of the century artists of 1900 sitting and philosophising in cafes. The Sacred Heart Basillica at the top of the hill is a spiritual and mesmerizing church.We walked around it in wonder.

Two things happened on our holiday that caught us by surprise. My legs were aching a great deal from so much walking. I couldn’t go any further. We managed to get a bicycle taxi to the Eiffel tower from The Monument. It was quite amusing! 

We also lost eachother in Versailles. Lucia and I were walking through a crowded chamber out towards a staircase when I suddenly couldn’t see her. I looked everywhere. I decided to walk through a corridor but Lucia had ran down the stairs and searched elsewhere. Finally we found eachother by chance within a rapture of laughter and relief.

Photos of Paris by Alice Lenkiewicz, March, 2017. (C)


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